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Parcel #8460 - Sandy Beach Front Property Ambergris Bay (Ambergris Caye, Belize, BZ - 00000)

SOLD $85,000
Sandy Beach Front

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  • Priced REDUCED!
  • Type: Lots and Land
  • Style: Single Story
  • Lot Type: Rectangular


Beautiful beachfront property in Belize: Parcel #8460 (West Ambergris Caye)

Ambergris Caye, Belize District , Belize

Lot Size 75' of Sandy Beachfront x 111' deep

Beautiful beachfront property in Belize: Parcel #8460 (West Ambergris Caye) Beautiful beachfront property in Belize: Parcel #8460 (West Ambergris Caye)


Ambergris Caye Belize has some of the best beachfront property for sale in the world. Living on a Belize beach can be like therapy for some. Escape to Belize today! Check out this beautiful beachfront property for sale in Belize:

Parcel #8460 – Beach Front Building Lot
75′ of Sandy Beach front x 111′ deep.

I was with this really nice couple (maybe in their late 50’s) showing them around the island. They loved it. What’s not to love.

After looking at a few condos she says to me “Dennis, I have 9 grand kids you know.”.

The real estate guy in me, always with the right answer mind you, blurts out “Well, you’ll need a really large house or condo then! Let’s look at some bigger units!”

I started seeing dollars signs in my head, imagining my biggest sale yet! “This is going to be great. They need a COUPLE of large condos!” …or at least so I thought.

“No, no!” she replied. “I have 9 grand kids and they all live in the same city as I do. I want a small little place in Belize, a one bedroom, so they can’t come down here. I need to get away from the little monsters a few months a year or I’ll go insane!”

And it was then that I learned a lesson as a real estate agent on how to listen. Listen carefully to the needs of your clients. Find out WHY they are buying. What are THEIR GOALS? What reason(s) do they have for wanting to buy property in Belize?


It’s not just about the sand, sun and sea for some people.

This sweet grandmother of 9 loved her grand kids dearly. But she flat out said that she was “Still young and healthy and that there was no way she was becoming a year round baby sitter.”

So, Belize it was. They found a nice little one bedroom with amazing views. They planned to spend 1/2 of the year in the States and the other half enjoying some peace and quiet in Belize.

Some Come to Ambergris Caye Belize for a Fresh Start…

Another client came down after suffering a nasty divorce. She had been married for many years and the divorce hit her hard. She needed a change. Something to mark the start of a new chapter in her life.

She came to the island and bought a little place on the beach.

Get a Fresh Start in Belize---beachfront land for sale in belize---beachfront land for sale on ambergris caye belize

Sounds simple right?

It is for some people. But not for her. She was alone. Alone and afraid. Afraid of what would be next in her life. Not sure what the future would bring and if she could handle it.

And now she was alone in strange country. A new place.

She spent a few months a year on the island and slowly gained her confidence back. She traveled back and forth alone. Or sometimes with a friend or two.

She made new friends on the island. Tried new things. Learned to fish, snorkel and dive.

Over time she felt the healing powers of the island and the ocean helping her to move on.

Belize marked the start of a new life for her. A new chapter. And today she’s thriving once again. Still divorced, still single but living life to the full. She says Belize has helped her in ways she can’t even explain.

She has since sold her place on the island. It served its purpose and it was time for her to move on.

Many people that come to Belize are running from something. They are running from over work, over stressed and over fat. All things that happen with the typical American lifestyle.

In Belize they relax more, get more exercise and even eat better. They FEEL better. In mind and in body.

You might not be running from 9 grand kids. But you may be running from something.

Would beachfront property in Belize be a good place to start a new chapter in your life?

For many the beach has healing powers for the mind, body and soul. This Belize beachfront property on the west side of Ambergris Caye Belize is a true place of tranquility. Its remote, private and might be exactly what you are looking for.

This beachfront lot is boat access only and off the grid. Building in this part of the island requires the use of small solar systems for power and a simple rain water cistern for fresh water. Nothing complicated. Easy breezy.

This would be a good lot to build a very simple home on.

Just enough space for you, and maybe a loved one. But certainly not enough for 9 grand kids! Don’t you agree?

If it’s time for you to heal and you think that this lot may give you what you are looking for, contact me for more info.


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